Ursula Koller





Vienna passion is the beat of my heart.


Born into a family of musicians I got the right tools for being Viennese. After my highschool graduation I travelled to the US to widen my horizon: 6 months I will never forget, all the experiences I had while going from the east to the west by train, the people I met and the fun I had.


I think this was the time when my heart decided what my future will bring.


Back in Europe I started right away working with guest and visitors. And since then, I never stopped. I tried to do other things as well, but soon I realized that I need to walk and talk. Between more travels to Africa, Brazil and many european countries I started education in Tourism. Finally I started my training as a licensed city guide and since then I am on the road.


I became a licensed Austria Guide, trying to pass on the passion I have for Vienna - no matter where you go - so many interesting facts, stories and history, and still more to explore.


I love the interaction with people, to start new friendships or to just make people enjoy their stay and wanting to come back one day.... 


And besides walking around in the city as a guide, I love walking with my dog and spending time in nature. But music is always with me, actively played or actively enjoyed.










Irene Koller:


Expert guide and my inspiration..


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