Passion for Beginners

Let´s stroll into town to enjoy one of the most impressive historic city centers in Europe:


St. Stephen´s Cathedral, Hofburg, Graben and Sachertorte are some of the ingredients we need for a great time in the heart of Vienna. Wide and elegant boulevards alternate with old and winding lanes which open again in secluded places. Learn about the developement of Vienna from a Roman fortification into a modern metropolis. Besides some facts I will tell you the really interesting stories of famous inhabitants of the city during the Empire.


You can´t deny the formative influence of the Habsburg dynasty on the atmosphere of Vienna - for centuries a hot spot of music, art, literature and the "savoir-vivre". Today we honor the history with the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


After our stroll you are equipped with all neccesary essentials for your own experience in my beautiful home town.


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Advanced Passion

Off the beaten tracks - discover Vienna and enjoy a walk in the remote areas of the historic center.


Deep insights in Vienna´s past and present can be gained during this stroll apart the busy boulevards. Winding streets and sometimes alarmingly narrow alleys invite you to dive into the city´s life during the Empire. Hidden squares invite you to do a little romantic daydreaming.



If you are coming back again and again this might be the perfect tour for you. Tell me your passion and we will arrange your personal and tailormade tour for you while you are in town.


For further details and price information please feel free to contact me.