Have a dinner with friends in Vienna

Foodlovers and worldexplorers will love our new tour in Vienna....



"Visiting a new place is always a great experienc, but what I often miss is being able to get in touch with more locals, especially the ones, that have no relation to tourism...."


This statement started something in my head and stomach and I realized...this is IT!!!


Vienna needs a homehosted dinner tour.


From 2016 VIENNA PASSION offers a tailormade foodtour in combination with a regular sightseeing experience. The grand final of this tour is a homehosted dinner with local residents in their own home.


We will start our tour with a visit of Vienna´s most famous food markets, do a little shopping here and there and taste some delicious regional products.


After our sightseeing tour we will visit my friends and start the easy part of the day.


You can choose your level of activity, either just arrive and enjoy viennese hospitality together with a local 3 course dinner, or a cook-together experience...


Please understand that this tour is exclusive and limited to up to 8 friends.....for bigger parties or special requests (eg. professional chef) please contact us.


Duration: app. 6 hrs.


Price upon request.



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